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Home Schooling Information

Parents who reside in Ohio and wish to homeschool their child/ren should send a homeschool notification to their local school district administration office.  The notification needs to contain the parent’s name and address, the name of each child being homeschooled and an assurance that the child/ren will receive education in the subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, history, government and social studies.  For your convenience, you may use the form provided directly below this paragraph.

Homeschool notifications are due within five (5) calendar days after commencing home education, moving into a new school district, or withdrawing from a public or nonpublic school.  Homeschool notifications are required each year you plan to homeschool and are due no later than August 30th each year thereafter.   For your convenience you may, but are not required, to use the notification form provided on our website.  
Parents who submit notifications which meet the above state guidelines will be provided with a written acknowledgment from their local school district and the child/ren will be exempt for the current school year.
Please note, in Ohio, online schools are considered community/chartered public schools.  If your student is enrolling in an online school, whether in state or out of state, you will not need to file an intent to homeschool.  Instead, it is your responsibility to notify your local school district that your student will be attending such a school. 
Additional information regarding homeschooling in Ohio can be found on the websites listed below: